Scar Massage after Rhinoplasty

There is no question that rhinoplasty is one of the most often requested cosmetic surgical procedures. In fact, it has been among the top five most popular cosmetic surgical procedures for a number of years. Every year, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) conducts a survey of its member surgeons to gather data on a variety of demographics, including trends in procedure popularity. (more…)

Rhinoplasty on Men and Women: Is There a Difference?

Whenever a cosmetic surgeon performs a procedure, it’s important that the surgery is tailored to the patient. This involves consideration of the patient’s body type, current appearance, and aesthetic goals. It also means considering the gender of the patient. As it turns out, male and female physiology can change the way certain surgeries are performed, which includes facial procedures such as eyelid surgery, facelift, and rhinoplasty (nose job). (more…)

Liposuction and Abdominal Etching: Which Is Right for Me?

Having a trim stomach is crucial if you want to look healthy and athletic. This can be much easier said than done, however. Spot reduction is a myth, which means crunches and sit ups won’t necessarily get rid of belly fat. Even cardio and a healthy diet may not guarantee a flat stomach and defined abs. (more…)

Anti-aging Tips

You’ve probably heard the old saying about how you are only as old as you feel. While that may be true to a certain point, particularly if you are still active, there’s no getting around the fact that you probably want to continue to appear as youthful on the outside as you feel inside. While you can’t completely stop the effects of aging, there are some simple things you can do to slow them down. Below are some of Dr. Mark Deuber’s tips to help patients slow down the aging process. (more…)

Busting Common Breast Augmentation Myths

Congratulations on your decision to undergo a breast augmentation procedure! Of course, now that you have finally made up your mind to go through with it, you are probably being inundated with stories that your friends and family claim to have heard on the radio, seen on television, or seen on the Internet about the potential dangers of breast augmentation. While your friends and family may mean well, the truth is that most of these stories are simply myths. In fact, Dr. Mark Deuber has many prospective patients ask him about breast augmentation myths. (more…)

Common Myths about Facelifts

If you are considering undergoing a facelift procedure, you have probably spent a great deal of time talking to friends and family about it, as well as doing research online. While some of the information you will get from your research may be helpful, some of it may leave you confused about your decision to undergo a facelift. While friends, family, and the Internet can be a good source of information, they may also be the source of misconceptions and myths about the procedure. Below are some of the more common myths that Dr. Mark Deuber has encountered from some of his facelift patients. (more…)

Rhinoplasty for the Nostrils

For decades, a rhinoplasty cosmetic surgical procedure (more popularly known as a nose job) meant that the entire nose underwent extensive revision. This almost invariably resulted in significant bruising and swelling following surgery, along with the nose being fully swathed in bandages for an extended period of time. Patients needed to take time off from school or work for weeks at a time while their noses healed. In short, rhinoplasty was a major undertaking. (more…)

Rise of Plastic Surgery for Selfies

The selfie phenomenon is everywhere, from TV shows, to gossip magazines, to the Internet. It seems like every celebrity you name has taken a selfie and plastered it all over popular media. However, this obsession with selfies isn’t just limited to celebrities. Even if you don’t happen to own a smartphone, you most likely have still taken a selfie at some point in your life. An estimated 1 million people or more use their phones to take selfies every single day. In fact, it has become so common that the Oxford Dictionary has added a definition for it: A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media. (more…)

History of the Facelift Procedure

There’s no doubt that facelift surgery is popular. Part of the overwhelming popularity of the procedure is due to how far it has advanced from its early beginnings. Today’s facelift techniques can provide you with natural looking results that can make your features look fresh and rejuvenated without it being obvious that you have undergone a facelift procedure. (more…)

Busting Some of the Myths about Liposuction

You may have come across the ads on TV, the radio, or even online. They all promise that liposuction is an easy, painless means to get rid of unwanted extra body fat. These ads often feature beautiful young women in bikinis who make it seem as though undergoing a liposuction procedure is not much more difficult than getting a manicure. Obviously, there is more than that involved to liposuction, but Dr. Deuber does encounter quite a bit of misconception and misunderstanding about the procedure, as well as a few myths that seem to get passed around. Below are just a few of the myths commonly associated with liposuction. (more…)


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