How Lack of Sleep and Alcohol Affects Your Appearance

Sleeping woman, how sleep affects appearanceIn this blog post, we review how a lack of sleep and alcohol consumption can have a poor affect on your appearance.

Lack of Sleep

It’s no secret that a bad night of sleep can affect a person’s appearance and ability to function. We need at least eight hours of sleep each night to refuel. If we are unable to get an adequate night of sleep, the physiological functions of the body are disrupted. This can adversely affect our appearance in a number of ways.

Dark Under Eye Circles

Lack of sleep can make the blood beneath the surface of the skin more visible, making the under eye area appear darker than usual. People also tend to rub at their eyes more when sleepy, and this can contribute to dark under eye circles.

Weight Gain

Numerous studies have shown that lack of sleep is linked to obesity. Some believe that if you are awake for longer times during the day, you have more time to eat. Other believe that the lack of sleep causes a person to consume more food in order to refuel. Some patients undergo liposuction to treat weight gain.

Grainy Complexion

If you are unable to get enough sleep each night, the skin will look paler than usual and make blemishes more visible. Long-term lack of sleep can also cause the skin to sag.

Alcohol Consumption

Everyone knows that alcohol can have a detrimental affect on a person’s health. Excessive consumption of alcohol is associated with an increased risk of liver problems, heart disease, certain cancers, and a range of other medical conditions. Drinking alcohol can also have a serious affect on your appearance, whether you drink too much for a special occasion or consume alcohol on a regular basis. Our plastic surgery patients that strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle, stay in great shape, and look as good as possible should avoid drinking alcohol to avoid the beauty-related problems that develop when a person drinks too much.

Short Term Cosmetic Effects of Alcohol

People that don’t normally drink, but decide too have a few too many cocktails for a special event may notice that the area around their eyes looks hollowed out and the eyes themselves look red the day after drinking too much. Other short-term signs of drinking include:

  • Hollowed out or puffy eyes
  • Red and tired looking eyes
  • Pale or grey-toned skin
  • Facial redness
  • Bloating in the face or body

These signs usually disappear after you stop drinking, rehydrate your body, and get a full night of rest.

Long Term Cosmetic Effects of Alcohol

When people drink excessively on a regular basis, the short-term cosmetic effects of drinking become more permanent. Men and women will find that their eyes constantly look exhausted, the initial bloating will have resulted in weight gain, and skin tone suffers. Although plastic surgery procedures such as facelift, eyelid surgery, and injectables, patients should maintain a healthy lifestyle and limit use of alcohol. The long-term cosmetic effects of alcohol consumption include:

  • Premature facial wrinkles
  • Skin laxity
  • Facial blemishes and redness
  • Dark under eye circles
  • Redness of the eyes
  • Lackluster skin tone
  • Weight gain in the face and body

The amount of alcohol that a person drinks has a direct affect on their health and appearance; the more a person drinks, the more likely it is that they will suffer from the beauty-related problems associated with drinking. If you drink too much alcohol, see your doctor to learn about the alcohol recovery programs that are available to you.

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