24 Hour Breast Augmentation Recovery

There is a prevailing thought that breast augmentation is a painful operation with several weeks of downtime.

My Dallas plastic surgery patients frequently tell me about their expectations for breast augmentation surgery based on what people they know may tell them: “My friend was in bed for two weeks after surgery.”, “She was bandaged up for a week after surgery.”, or “She needed really strong pain medicine after surgery.” It doesn’t have to be this way.

Video: 24 Hour Recovery

It is possible to have breast augmentation surgery and recover in as little as 24 hours.  You can be out of your house the night of surgery, at a restaurant, shopping, or at a movie.  You can be driving the day after your surgery; you won’t need narcotic pain medicine after surgery; you don’t need a pain pump after surgery; you can be back to your normal life within 24 hours after breast augmentation surgery.

How is this possible?

Virtually all patients undergoing breast implant surgery can achieve a 24-hour recovery.  There are three key phases to achieving a 24-hour recovery.

Before Surgery: A Positive Outlook

Patients should have appropriate expectations and a positive outlook about surgery. It may seem silly, but if you convince yourself that the surgery will be painful and that you will need strong pain medicine, then that is the experience you will have. I want my patients to be excited about the results of their treatment, not worried that they will experience a lot of pain. I encourage my patients to think about getting back to their lives as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

During Surgery: Optimized Pocket Creation Techniques

It takes more than a just good attitude for my Dallas patients to be able to recover from breast augmentation in 24 hours. The techniques that my team and I employ in the operating room promote a speedy recovery. Most breast augmentation surgeons use the blunt dissection approach to quickly develop a pocket for the implant.  Then, the surgeon cauterizes the wound to control (stop) any bleeding. This technique is appropriate, but it causes patients to have an awful lot of pain after surgery.

I create the pocket with cautery, without tearing any tissue, and without allowing any rib cage bleeding to occur in the first place.  With this meticulous technique, it’s possible to avoid the chest wall trauma and associated pain that typically occurs after surgery.  When unnecessary trauma is minimized during the procedure, you can recover from surgery in as little as 24 hours.

After Surgery: Recovery Management

Phase three of a 24-hour breast augmentation recovery involves postoperative management after surgery.  If I give you narcotic pain medicine (think Vicodin or hydrocodone) after surgery, you’re going to go home and sleep all day and night, barely moving the first few days after surgery.  When you’re finally awake and moving, you will be stiff and extremely sore, and you’ll need narcotics for the next few weeks to recover.  I don’t want my patients to fall into this trap; you’re not going to need narcotics after surgery, ibuprofen will be a strong enough pain medicine to overcome the small amount of soreness that results from surgery.

I recommend that my patients engage in range of motion activities for the chest and arms beginning in the afternoon on the day of surgery to keep stiffness from setting in. These movements and the avoidance of narcotic pain medicine will prevent the uncomfortable side effects associated with these medicines, including itching, nausea and constipation.

Patients that come to my practice are in a position to recover from breast augmentation surgery in just 24 hours. You can shower the day of your surgery, be out of the house the evening of your surgery, and be back to work within a few days of surgery (or even the next day).  Out of town patients can see us the day after surgery and then travel or fly home that day.

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