Arm Liposuction vs. Arm Lift: Which Is Right for Me?

Woman running on treadmillMany people have problems with flab or loose skin around the shoulders and the undersides of their arms. These issues have many causes. Your issues may be due to some unwanted body fat that won’t go away despite regular exercise and a healthy diet. The issues could be the result of excessive weight loss and the aging process.

Whatever the case may be, Dr. Mark A. Deuber can help. As an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon offering the latest body contouring treatments in Dallas, TX, he has different options to sculpt the arms. This is usually a choice between arm liposuction and arm lift (brachioplasty). Let’s take a moment to compare these procedures and determine which one may be best for you.

About Arm Liposuction

Liposuction of the arms is a targeted fat removal procedure that focuses on the shoulders, triceps, and armpits. Using a thin metal tube called a cannula, a plastic surgeon can extract unwanted pockets of fat from that region. This helps reduce flabbiness around the upper arms, giving the shoulders and triceps a much more athletic appearance.

About Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

An arm lift is a procedure that helps remove loose, drooping skin of the upper arm area. The procedure involves an incision starting around the armpit and extending along the underside of the arm toward the elbow. Through this incision, a plastic surgeon can remove loose skin and revise the underlying structure of the arm. In the process, the loose skin is removed and a patient’s upper arms appear more proportionate to their slimmer frame.

When Is Arm Liposuction a Better Option?

Arm liposuction tends to be a better option when patients have pockets of fat causing issues with the appearance of the upper arm area. They should be in otherwise good health, and simply have body fat not responsive to regular exercise and a healthy diet.

The exact amount of fat removed from the arm area can vary, but it’s typically minimal, relatively speaking. In fact, plastic surgeons typically tell patients to lose as much fat as they can naturally in order to improve surgical results and to help with long-term maintenance of these results following the procedure.

When Is Arm Lift a Better Option?

An arm lift is a better option when a person has experienced major weight loss. In these cases, their skin stretches out to accommodate the added body mass, but does not shrink back once that weight is lost. The only way to remove and reshape the loose skin is to undergo cosmetic surgery.

An arm lift can also be used to address loose skin related to advanced age. As the skin loses laxity in advanced age, some drooping and sagging is normal. Again, an arm lift is the only way to remove this excess skin and tighten up the appearance of the upper arms.

Developing a Body Contouring Plan Just for You

The above descriptions of arm liposuction and arm lift surgery may not seem quite so cut and dry. Given that, it’s important to come to our practice for a consultation. We’ll be able to assess your situation and determine the ideal body contouring option for you and your needs.

Learn More About Body Contouring Options

For more information about sculpting your arms and helping them look their best, be sure to contact our cosmetic plastic surgery center. Dr. Deuber looks forward to discuss all of your treatment options in greater detail.


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