Breast Implant Revision Surgery

If you have experienced complications or dissatisfaction with a previous breast implant surgery, you may want to consider a breast implant revision or secondary breast augmentation surgery. With years of experience with revisional or secondary breast surgery, I can improve or correct many different deformities that women have as a result of a previous surgery.

Changing Implant Size

Breast implants do not come in A-B-C cup sizes like bras do, so it is sometimes difficult for patients to anticipate how they will look once they are in place. Women who feel that they have received breast implants that are too large or too small for their preferences may want to change the size of their implants with breast implant revision surgery.  Patients interested in breast implant revision should bring us front-view and side-view example photos of their desired results as well as photos of breasts that they feel are too large or too small. Factors to consider when choosing the size of breast implants include chest size and shape, natural breast size and shape, tissue characteristics, height, and weight.

Replacing Breast Implants

There are numerous reasons why a woman may need to replace her breast implants. Occasionally, breast implants will need to be replaced because of complications, implant deflation or other issues. Some women may opt to replace their saline implants with recently FDA-approved silicone implants for a more natural look and feel. Regardless of your reason for replacing your breast implants, I can help you achieve the results you want.

Improving the Look and Feel of Breast Implants

Inexperienced breast augmentation surgeons may place breast implants too high on the chest above the muscle, with the result that they feel unnatural when touched. Breast augmentation can also result in an asymmetrical look unless the surgeon takes exceptional care when measuring the breasts and placing the implants.  If you are concerned about the way your breasts look or feel after breast augmentation, schedule a consultation at my practice to explore your surgery options. A visit to my Dallas plastic surgery center can be quite informative for women seeking to improve the appearance of their breasts.

Correcting Bottomed-Out Breast Implants

Breast implants may bottom out (end up too low on the chest wall) for a number of reasons.  The original breast augmentation surgeon may have over dissected the pocket at the primary surgery; or the weight of the implant may over stretch the lower pole of the breast. Either way, we have extensive experience evaluating and correcting these deformities. Generally, correcting involves internal suture repair (capsuloraphy), sometimes with replacement with smaller implants.  While recurrent bottoming out is always a risk, the majority of my patients have experienced long term correction and are very pleased with their revision breast augmentation surgery.

Correcting Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture occurs when scar tissue contracts around a breast implant, causing hardening of the implant, pressure, and pain. I can repair breast implants with severe capsular contracture with an open capsulotomy or a capsulectomy. During an open capsulotomy, I score the scar tissue to loosen its hold on the breast implants. In a capsulectomy, the scar tissue is removed completely so that the breast implant can return to its normal shape. To prevent capsular contracture in the future, I may also recommend that the patient have her implants placed beneath the muscle.

Limitations, Risks and Possible Complications

Secondary breast augmentation patients should be aware of the limitations of revisional surgery. In addition to all of the risks and limitations of primary surgery, secondary patients will have increased risk of recurrence of any deformities we are trying to correct.  Some deformities may not be entirely correctable because of permanent alterations of anatomy from previous surgery. Finally, secondary surgeries are more complex than primary (first time) surgery, with potentially longer surgery times and higher fees.

To learn more about correcting breast implant complications such as capsular contracture, deflation, or other secondary breast augmentation procedures, please contact my Dallas, Texas breast implant revision surgery practice.


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