Breast Implants for Upper Pole Fullness

When prospective patients come in to see Dr. Mark Deuber for their initial consultation about breast augmentation, they often say that they want more cleavage or rounder, fuller breasts. But what does this really mean in terms of the type of breast implant that will achieve that look?

Read further to find out how Dr. Deuber can help you achieve upper pole fullness, or improve cleavage, with breast augmentation.

Some Definitions

Before we discuss the specifics of how to achieve the look you want, we need to define some terms. First, the name for the look of deep cleavage, with round fullness to the upper part of the breast, is upper pole fullness. If you picture the breast as a globe, the northern hemisphere would be the upper pole of the breast, while the southern hemisphere is the lower pole.

Next, there are two important measurements to breast implants when considering which will be the best fit: The profile and the size. The profile is the ratio between the width and the height of the implant. A high-profile implant will have more height than width, while the reverse is true for a low-profile implant.

Finally, there are two locations where Dr. Deuber can place the breast implants. Subglandular implants go behind the mammary glands, while subpectoral implants go behind the chest muscles. Dr. Deuber prefers a subpectoral implant to achieve upper-pole fullness.

Implant Material

Dr. Deuber does not recommend saline or traditional silicone gel implants, as the downward shifting of the fluid, due to gravity, will give the breasts a bottom-heavy look, reducing the fullness in the upper pole.

Round, cohesive gel implants (sometimes called Gummy Bear implants) will retain their shape and produce nice upper pole fullness for patients that want a more dramatic look.

Implant Profile and Size

The goal when determining the correct implant profile and size to achieve upper-pole fullness is to have the augmented breast be as full and round as possible.

This can be done with a high-profile implant. A high-profile implant will produce a round look with deep cleavage, and the augmented breasts will project out from the chest as much as possible.

The correct size of implant can be best determined by your frame, including the width of your chest. You do not want your augmented breasts to look either too crowded or too far apart on your chest. Dr. Deuber has a variety of sizer options for you to see the look that you will get with various sizes and profiles of implants.

Many patients often think that the best breast implants to achieve a full upper pole appearance is “as big as possible.” Dr. Deuber, however, feels that the better option is one that achieves the look that you want, but that still looks natural for your body size and shape.

During your personal consultation, Dr. Deuber will examine your breasts and discuss your goals with you to develop a treatment plan that will help you achieve the outcome you desire.


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