Can BOTOX® Injections Prevent Aging?

While plastic surgery still proves effective at battling signs of advanced age, more and more people are turning to non-surgical skin care such as cosmetic injectables.

BOTOX® injections are the most popular of these non-surgical treatments, eliminating the appearance of dynamic facial wrinkles for months at a time. With mild side effects and no downtime, it’s no wonder BOTOX® cosmetic is such a hit with patients.

BOTOX® injections may have another benefit beyond temporary wrinkle reduction. There is some suggestion that BOTOX® injections can also prevent wrinkles in the long run.

Dallas, TX plastic surgeon Mark A. Deuber would like to consider some of the current studies about BOTOX® injections in basic terms.

How BOTOX® Injections Work

BOTOX® injections stop muscle contractions from occurring in the injection site. This means that the muscle groups in those parts of the face are unable to move and cause wrinkles in the skin to show up. The results of BOTOX® injections last for up to seven months and can be repeated as needed for ongoing wrinkle reduction.

Wrinkle Prevention from BOTOX® Injections

Since BOTOX® injections prevent dynamic wrinkles from appearing, that means they are less likely to show up and etch themselves on your skin.

Using BOTOX® injections starting around the 30s and 40s can potentially slow down wrinkle formation during this time, which means fewer or less pronounced wrinkles later in life.

A Scientific Study on BOTOX® Cosmetic

A study published in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery has suggested that BOTOX® injections might not just stop muscle movements, however. This study also suggested that BOTOX® injections can alter the elasticity of the skin.

The skin becomes less elastic as we age, which means that wrinkles and sagging are more likely the older we get. At age 70, our skin recoils 30 percent less than it would at age 20. If there was a way to restore skin elasticity, this could mean long-term reduction and prevention of wrinkles.

Can BOTOX® Injections Improve Skin Elasticity?

As the JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery study shows, BOTOX® injections can potentially improve skin elasticity. The study found that skin elasticity was improved up to 30 percent two months after undergoing a BOTOX® injection. There is the potential that the BOTOX® cosmetic is not just affecting the muscle but also altering the elasticity of the skin.

What This Study Could Mean for BOTOX® Injections

While more research is needed, this study could show much greater long-term benefits for BOTOX® injections. Rather than having benefits that last just a few months, BOTOX® injections could improve skin elasticity in the long-run, which means looking younger in the short term and also looking more youthful many years down the road.

The Popularity of BOTOX® Injections

Studies into the potential preventative benefits of BOTOX® injections will no doubt boost the already exceptional popularity of the treatment. According to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), more than 7.2 million people underwent BOTOX® injections in 2017, up from just over 7 million people in 2016.

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