Can I Speed Up the Plastic Surgery Recovery Process?

It’s not surprising that plastic surgery patients want the recovery process to go by faster. Proper healing needs to run its course, but yes, our Dallas, TX cosmetic surgery patients can speed up the recovery process by adhering to the instructions provided by their plastic surgeon.

Dr. Mark Deuber and his team would like to go over some of the common things patients can do to speed up the healing process after surgery. These tips won’t cut healing times in half, but they will make the road to recovery easier, perhaps shaving a day or two off your overall healing time.

The Importance of Pre-op and Post-op Instructions

Healing begins before the first incision is ever made. Pre-op instructions are provided to prepare your body for surgery and to make sure the recovery process goes by as smoothly as possible. The post-op instructions allow your body to recover with as few risks of complications as possible.

If you want to heal faster and avoid serious side effects, be sure to follow these instructions to the letter. Many of the tips below will be included in your surgical instructions or mentioned during the consultation process.

Avoid the Use of Tobacco Products

Tobacco products are awful for you, and they make it harder for your body to heal. In fact, tobacco products tend to lead to slower healing times and higher risk of infection. Stay away from cigarettes, cigars, and chewing tobacco for a few weeks leading into surgery and for a few weeks after surgery. This may be a good excuse to kick the habit for good.

Avoid Consuming Alcoholic Beverages

Like tobacco products, alcohol can lead to slower healing times and a greater risk of surgical complications. Put the wine, beer, and whiskey away in the weeks leading up to surgery, and keep it away until you’re properly healed. If anything, this will make that first celebratory sip over your surgical results that much nicer.

Do Not Take Certain Medications and Supplements

Before surgery, you’ll be asked to avoid certain medications and supplements that thin the blood and affect blood clotting. This is a precautionary measure to prevent complications and longer healing times. If you take blood thinners, aspirin, vitamin E, and so forth, you’ll need to put those away until your surgeon says otherwise.

Focus on Rest for the First Few Days

The first few days after surgery should be a time to focus on resting. Avoid strenuous physical activities and anything that may cause you stress. Relax, take things easy, and try to keep your mind calm while your body heals itself.

Walk a Little to Promote Circulation

Even though rest is a priority, patients are encouraged to walk around their home for just a couple minutes each day. Walking promotes circulation, which is great for healing. Having just a light walk a few times each day can also prevent blood clots in the legs, a common issue for people who are sedentary after surgery.

Hydration and Healthy Eating

Your diet can have some impact on the way your body heals. Be sure to drink plenty of water to make sure you’re properly hydrated and your body functions properly. Stick with healthy foods as you heal, with an emphasis on nutritious vegetables, fruits, good fats, lean proteins, and whole grains. Processed foods should be avoided.

Avoid Direct Exposure to the Sun

The sun does a lot of damage to the skin, and its effects can be even worse for people recovering from surgery. Avoid the sun if you can in the early days of healing. If you have to head outside, wear sleeves and cover up to protect your body as it’s healing.

Learn More about Cosmetic Surgery

For more information about plastic surgery, the healing process, and achieving great results, be sure to contact our plastic surgery center. We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and offer our insight into your concerns.


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