Candidates for Alar Base Reduction Surgery

Undergoing a rhinoplasty (nose job) can have a dramatic impact on your appearance. The surgery can improve facial symmetry, or bring your other facial features to greater prominence. Yet there is more to rhinoplasty than changing the size and shape of the bridge of the nose. Some patients at our Dallas, TX cosmetic surgery center simply want to adjust the size of their nostrils through surgery.

Let’s take a moment to consider how alar base reduction works and who is an ideal candidate for the surgery. Dr. Mark A. Deuber will be able to go over the surgery in much more detail during an in-person visit to the practice.

Defining the “Alar Base”

The alar base refers to the structures of the nose that help define the wideness around the nostrils. A person who has nostrils that flare out or seem wide and enlarged may wish to make their nostrils narrower or not as flared. The procedure for doing this is known as an alar base reduction, or simply a nostril reduction.

General Candidacy for Alar Base Reduction

Good candidates for alar base reduction are people who are self-conscious about the appearance of their nose, particularly when their nostrils are flared or wide. These feelings of self-conscious may impact self-esteem, and the alar base reduction procedure can help improve self-confidence by narrowing the nostrils.

It’s also important that candidates for alar base reduction be in good overall health. They should not suffer from any medical conditions that would make this cosmetic nose surgery a risk to general wellness or long-term health.

Making Sure the Decision Is Your Own

Some people may feel pressured by loved ones into getting plastic surgery. It’s very important that alar base reduction candidates make the decision to undergo facial plastic surgery on their own. People should never feel coerced into a rhinoplasty or obligated to get any other surgical procedure for someone else. It’s your body, and you should be the person who makes decisions about your needs and cosmetic goals.

Understanding the Risks and Benefits

Before the surgery is performed, patients need to understand the risks and benefits that are involved. Knowing the risks and benefits allows patients to take the pre-op and post-op process more seriously, which in turn leads to better surgical outcomes and a lower chance of complications. Being an informed patient leads to much better plastic surgery experiences.

Realistic Expectations about Surgery

An alar base reduction can enhance the appearance of your face in many ways, but patients need to have realistic expectations about the overall results of the surgical procedure. In the same way that good information leads to better surgical experiences, having realistic expectations leads to better patient satisfaction in the long run.

Additional Rhinoplasty Options to Consider

Keep in mind that an alar base reduction may be combined with other rhinoplasty techniques to enhance the shape and appearance of your nose. These additional surgical considerations will be discussed as part of the consultation process.

Learn More about Rhinoplasty

For more information about rhinoplasty and how it can benefit you, be sure to contact an experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon. Our entire team is here to answer your questions and address your concerns.


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