Chores before Plastic Surgery

Chores before Plastic SurgeryAt the practice of Mark Deuber, MD, we want patients to experience the quickest and most comfortable recovery period possible after plastic surgery. That is why we recommend that patients be prepared for the two-week recovery period; here, we offer a list of chores that should be completed before patients undergo surgery.

Create a Recovery Plan

Did you know that there are effective ways to reduce the occurrence and severity of most post-surgical side effects, including pain, swelling, bruising, itching, and scars? Be sure to have all the necessary recovery items and a plan in place to keep you comfortable in the days after surgery. Make a list of the things you will need so you can buy them when you run errands.

The Grocery Store

A day or two before your surgical appointment, head to your local grocery store armed with a complete list of the things you will need during the first two weeks of your recovery. Your list should include drinks that will keep you hydrated, and foods that are simple to make, easy on the stomach, and low in sodium. To help you get started, we have provided a sample shopping list for plastic surgery patients.

The Drug Store or Pharmacy

If you can’t purchase the medications, bandages, ointments, and other supplies you will need for your recovery at the grocery store, then head to your favorite drug store or pharmacy to get the remaining items on your list.

Prepare Pre-made Meals

Maintaining a low sodium diet before and after surgery can reduce swelling and speed up the recovery process. Instead of buying frozen dinners, which are known to be high in sodium, consider making individual portions of your favorite meals. Try to pick two or three recipes that are low in salt (or can be made in a low sodium version) and make them a day before your surgery. Save meal-sized portions in microwave-safe containers and put a few in the refrigerator and the rest in the freezer. You may want to consider making a soup for the first few days after surgery, and a heartier meal that can be enjoyed when you are feeling better toward the end of the first week after surgery.

Clean the House

A day or two before your surgery date, take the time to clean your house. Clear the clutter, especially in the areas in which you will be recovering. Then, dust, disinfect, vacuum, and mop all of the rooms in your home to create a clean environment for your recovery.

Do Laundry

Wash all of your clothes, as well as your sheets and towels, the day before surgery. Put a fresh set of sheets on the bed, and have an extra set on hand so you can change them again in about a week. Have plenty of clean towels, including hand towels available for use.

Empty the Trash

Finally empty the trash in all of the rooms of your house and dispose of it in the proper receptacle. If needed, ask a neighbor if he or she can take your trash cans to the curb that week.

Pay Your Bills

Make sure all of your bill payments are up to date so you don’t have to concern yourself with this task while you recover.

Arrange for Transportation and Care

You will need to have a loved one take you to and from your surgical appointment; you may also require someone to help you the first day or two after surgery.

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