How to Prevent Sagging Breasts

As we age, our bodies undergo many changes. For women, this often means gradual drooping of the breasts over time. You could undergo a breast lift surgery (mastopexy) to treat the sagging, though there are many options out there to prevent your breasts from sagging.

Dr. Mark A. Deuber and the team at his Dallas, TX plastic surgery center would like to discuss why breasts sag and then offer some helpful tips on how to avoid drooping breasts as you get older.

Why Breasts Sag

Sagging breasts are the result of reduced collagen production as people age. As collagen production slows down, skin tends to get looser and less supple, leading to breasts that droop as well as the formation of jowls and sagging around the face. Gravity exacerbates these natural processes. Genetics can also play a role in the way your body ages.

While you may not be able to escape time, gravity, and your genes, there are many things you can do while you’re young to reduce the amount of sagging you experience when you’re older.

Wear a Supportive Bra

A good bra provides comfort and support for your breasts. Your bra shouldn’t squeeze your breasts or let them hang loose. You should try on different bras to find one that offers the ideal amount of support. In addition, it’s a good idea to get professionally sized and fitted for a bra for optimal support.

The Right Sleep Position

Gravity doesn’t sleep, but you have to. Your sleeping position could lead to gradual sagging over the years. Ideally, it’s best to sleep on your back. If you’re a side sleeper, consider a body pillow to place between your breasts so that both breasts are supported rather than one being allowed to sag.

Find a Sports Bra That Fits Right

Playing sports and staying active is great for looking young and energetic. Without the right support, however, leading an active lifestyle could contribute to breast sagging. This is why it’s crucial to find a supportive sports bra any time you’re working out, doing yoga, or being active.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Fluctuations in your weight can stretch out the skin, leading to a number of body contour issues over time. To avoid sagging, loose skin, and other cosmetic problems caused by weight fluctuations, be sure to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and maintain a healthy weight.

Quit Smoking

Smoking causes many problems that affect your general health as well as the way you look. The loss of skin elasticity is one of the lesser known problems caused by smoking. Consider this just another important reason to kick the habit for good.

Practice Good Posture

Slouching and slumping isn’t a good look. In addition, poor posture when you’re standing or sitting can put more weight on the breasts, leading to sagging over time. Be sure to keep your back straight, your head up, and your shoulders back. Your breasts and your lower back will thank you for it.

Other Ways to Avoid Signs of Aging

Keeping your breasts perky isn’t the only way to prevent signs of aging. There are many other options to look younger and more refreshed. While millennials are undergoing prejuvenation to prevent wrinkles, we have also noted that baby boomers are undergoing plastic surgery can cosmetic injectables in higher numbers than before.

In other words, no matter your age and no matter your cosmetic goals, there is likely a treatment available that can help you look years and years younger.

Learn More About Looking Your Best

To learn more about keeping your breasts looking their best for years to come, be sure to contact a board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Mark A. Deuber and his team look forward to discussing these issues with you in greater detail.


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