How to Protect Your Skin During the Fall

A woman by a lake in the fallIt’s officially fall. The weather in Dallas may indicate otherwise, but we can expect a cool down in the coming weeks leading to sweater weather, plans for the holidays, and possible issues with the look and feel of your skin. While undergoing laser skin resurfacing is helpful for combatting issues with skin texture and quality, there are plenty of things that you can do at home to keep your skin feeling healthy and looking great.

Below, Dr. Mark A. Deuber and his staff have shared some common sense skin care tips for the fall. Keep this advice in mind through the winter to avoid issues with dry and damaged skin into the new year.

Keep Wearing Sunblock and Sunglasses

Just because it’s fall or winter doesn’t mean the sun can’t affect your skin. Sun damage can strike even on cold, overcast days. That’s why you should always wear some sunblock when you go outdoors. Make sure to wear sunglasses as well.

Changing Your Body Wash for the Season

The change in seasons means switching up your body wash to match the time of year. Put the fruity and tropical body scrubs away and switch to creamier body washes instead. These kinds of body scrubs and washes lock in much needed moisture, which will be crucial as the air gets cooler and drier.

Use a Thicker Moisturizer

Thick creams and lotions are ideal during the fall since they help fight dry skin through the day. If you suffer from severe dry skin, try to use a lotion that contains collagen, elastin, or aloe to really lock in that moisture. Moisturizing right after a shower tends to be best.

Avoid Very Hot Showers

Hot showers (above 99 or 100 degrees) can rob your skin of natural oils and cause redness and inflammation. While it’s great to have a hot shower on a cool day, consider cooler/warm showers to avoid dry and irritated skin.

Exfoliate Less Often Than the Summer

The cooler and drier air is also a sign that you should exfoliate less often. Your skin will need all the moisture it can retain, especially as the autumn stretches into winter. You can still exfoliate to enhance your skin, but the focus this time of year is replenishing and hydrating the skin.

Consider Facial Oils

Putting oil on your face may seem counterintuitive, but it’s just what the season calls for. There are many facial oil products that are specially formulated to hydrate and moisturize the skin, which is ideal for cold and dry seasons.

Treat Your Hands and Feet Well

We’ve focused so much on the face and the rest of your skin, but do not neglect your hands or feet. Both can become severely dry during the winter. Avoid painful, cracked skin by using thick hand creams and foot creams.

Use a Humidifier at Home

A humidifier is a smart investment to avoid dry air in the fall and winter. Running the humidifier in your bedroom as you sleep can prevent dry skin and irritation overnight. Where you place the humidifier during the day is completely up to you.

Learn More About Fall Skin Rejuvenation

For more information about helping your skin feel great during the fall well into the winter, be sure to contact a skilled cosmetic plastic surgeon. We are here to help.


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