Maintaining Body Contouring Results during the Holidays

Let’s be honest, the holiday season can be tough for anybody trying to stick to a diet and exercise routine. In addition to the onslaught of fats, carbs, and sugar in holiday foods and drinks, bad weather can make it daunting to get out of the house or apartment to exercise. Unfortunately, you will pay the price for this holiday over-indulgence, come January, when you suddenly discover that you have put on several pounds.

Resisting these holiday temptations can be even more difficult if you have undergone a body contouring procedure such as liposuction or tummy tuck. Because it is important that you maintain your low-fat diet and exercise routine through the holiday season, Dr. Deuber offers some tips to get you through the end of the year without giving in to overdoing the holiday cookies, candy, or alcohol.

Eating in Moderation

One of the biggest mistakes that Dr. Deuber sees his body contouring patients make during the holidays is to convince themselves that they cannot indulge in any treats. Ultimately, this “zero tolerance” approach will only make you more frustrated and more likely to fall off the diet wagon over the holidays.

Instead, try minimizing your portions of holiday treats. Split that piece of cake or pie with a friend. Take only one cookie instead of two or three. Order a regular coffee drink instead of a holiday specialty one, as those include flavored syrups that are high in sugar. At the same time, increase your intake of fruits and vegetables to give your body the proper nutrients it needs.

Get Creative with Your Exercise

Snow, wind, or sleet can put a damper on your motivation to leave a warm, cozy house or apartment to exercise. Unfortunately, the holidays are when it is particularly crucial for you to burn off all those holiday calories in order to maintain the results from your body contouring procedure.

Dr. Deuber recommends that getting creative with outside activities can help you get in more exercise, often without you realizing it. Easy ways to get outdoor exercise, even if it is cold, can include taking the dog for a walk, shoveling out your (or your neighbors’) driveway, or having a snowball fight or snowman-building contest with your kids.

If the weather really is too bad to go outside to get exercise, you can still make good use of your home to burn off calories. If you don’t happen to have an elliptical or a stationary bike, you can still get moving with a jump rope, a step stool, or even just a good dance playlist. The point is to get yourself moving around enough to elevate your heart rate for a sustained period of time. Try to aim for at least 30 minutes per day at least five days a week.

The holiday season can be full of fun and excitement, when you get together with friends and family who you may not have seen for a long time. However, they can also be a pitfall if you are trying to maintain your results from your body contouring procedure. With a bit of thought and advanced planning, you can enjoy the holidays and not completely undo all of your hard work to improve your appearance.


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