Mommy Makeover

Mommy makeover procedures have become very popular in the last decade. Moms love their kids, but they don’t necessarily like the effect that pregnancy, childbirth and breast-feeding have had on their bodies. Invariably, there are unwelcome changes to their bellies and the breasts. Many of my plastic surgery patients in Dallas are moms seeking to restore both of these areas to a more youthful, pre-childbearing appearance.

Abdominal and Breast Changes

Pregnancy leads to abdominal wall stretching with excess skin and possible lower abdominal stretch marks. There is also a separation of the rectus abdominus muscles, (sit-up muscles) with lower abdominal bulging, which is called diastasis. No quantity of sit-ups or amount of working out can improve these two problems. Excess skin and diastasis can only be corrected with surgery.

Similarly, after pregnancy women will develop significant engorgement of the breasts with significantly increased volume. After breast feeding the breasts will shrink and/or droop to a variable degree. This process, called involution, leads to a deflated appearance, sometimes with a significant degree of droop. As with the abdominal changes, these changes do not respond to exercise, but can only be improved with surgery.

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Surgical Options

Mommy makeover is a term that does not refer to a specific operation, but rather to a group of possible procedures that are performed during a single operation to correct post pregnancy abdominal deformities as well as breast changes.

Tummy Tuck & Liposuction

Most of my patients that undergo a mommy makeover will want to have an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) procedure. This will remove excess lower belly skin and stretch marks, smooth the abdominal skin, and tighten the bulging abdominal muscle to correct a diastasis. Occasionally, liposuction alone will sufficiently improve the appearance of the stomach, but usually muscle tightening is necessary.

Breast Enhancement Procedures

There is more variability in the breast surgery my mommy makeover patients will seek. Some will achieve their desired result with a breast augmentation procedure. Some patients will require a breast lift procedure to restore their breasts to a pre pregnancy state. Many patients will require a lift with implants (augmentation mastopexy) to achieve a lifted, fuller breast appearance. Finally, some patients may want a breast reduction to achieve a more youthful, higher, tighter breast.

What to Expect

Total surgical times for mommy makeover procedures typically range from two-and-a-half to four-and-a-half hours depending on the procedures being performed. Many of these procedures are performed on an out patient basis; occasionally I require an overnight stay for more extensive procedure. Typical recovery times are seven to 10 days. Strenuous physical activity may be restricted for three to six weeks depending on the procedures planned.

My Dallas, Texas mommy makeover patients can undergo one surgical procedure, with one recovery period to erase the undesirable effects of pregnancy and childbirth on their bodies. One surgery can restore their breasts and belly to a pre pregnancy state. These patients will typically need one week of down time to recover from these procedures.

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