Plan Ahead: Prepare for Breast Augmentation Surgery in the Fall

We’re just starting the summer, but if you’re interested in getting silicone and saline breast implants you may want to start thinking ahead to the fall. It turns out that it’s an ideal time to undergo breast augmentation surgery once the colder weather sets in.

Dr. Mark A. Deuber and his team would like to discuss what you can do to prepare for breast augmentation surgery a few months from now. We’d be happy to discuss these topics in more detail when you visit our Dallas, TX plastic surgery center for a consultation.

Why Fall Is a Good Time for Plastic Surgery

We had a blog post about why fall is the ideal time of year for cosmetic surgery a while ago. Feel free to read that post for more details, but here’s a short version of why you should get plastic surgery in autumn:

  • Colder weather makes it more ideal to recuperate form surgery indoors
  • You can layer clothing to help conceal your body as you’re recovering
  • Fall and winter holidays make it easier to take time off to heal
  • Side effects can pass well before the spring
  • Scarring will have faded significantly by next summer

Use the Summer to Research Potential Surgeons

If you’ve been thinking about breast augmentation surgery but haven’t researched surgeons yet, the summer is a great time to find the surgeon right for you. Simple Google searches like “breast implant plastic surgeon in Dallas” can yield a number of promising leads, and you can find the person who’s most ideal for you during this time. Check online reviews and testimonials to make sure you’ve got a good match.

Research the Surgical Procedure and Recovery Process

While finding the right cosmetic surgeon, it’s also a good idea to thoroughly research the surgical process. Learn about preparing for surgery, how the procedure works, and what to expect as patients recover. Knowing about the surgery ahead of time can be extremely helpful to managing side effects, avoiding complications, and improving your expectations about the surgery.

Make Sure the Surgery Is Right for You

While breast implants are beneficial to so many patients, you may decide they aren’t right for you. The summer will give you a chance to weight the pros and cons of breast enlargement surgery. Ask yourself if the surgery will make you happy, of it there are other aspects of your appearance or your life that may be more important to work on. It’s always best for patients to be confident in their choice to undergo cosmetic surgery.

Make Arrangements Well Ahead of the Surgical Date

Getting time off work approved can be a challenge, but it’s easier to do if you’re thinking ahead. Planning your breast augmentation surgery months ahead of time allows you to lock down dates and secure time off so you can heal without worrying so much. You’re in control of your time.

Planning Ahead Means Less Stress Overall

You’ve got months until the fall, which means that you can research surgeons, learn about the surgery, weigh the advantages and disadvantages of breast implants, and schedule the dates you need off at your own pace.

That’s less stress, and it means you can enjoy your summer while thinking about what’s best for you in the fall.

Learn More About Breast Augmentation Surgery

To learn more about breast augmentation and why it may be right for you, be sure to contact a board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Deuber and his team look forward to your visit.


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