Reasons to Undergo Breast Reduction Surgery

Woman at yoga classWe speak a lot about breast implants and breast augmentation surgery on this blog, but it isn’t the only procedure available to improve the appearance of the breasts. For some women, breast reduction surgery (reduction mammaplasty) is a more ideal option. This surgery removes excess tissue and skin to reduce the size of the breasts. The surgery cancan have a number of important cosmetic and health benefits.

Dr. Mark A. Deuber and the team at his Dallas, TX cosmetic surgery center would like to list a few reasons why breast reduction may be right for you.

You Have Disproportionately Large Breasts

If you have breasts that are extremely large, they can affect the way you look, they way your body feels, and the way you feel about your looks. It can be difficult finding clothes that fit right, and you may feel like your body contour is adversely affected by overlarge breasts.

We’ll elaborate on all this below, but the mere size of your breasts could be sufficient enough reason to undergo breast reduction surgery.

You Have Breasts That Sag Due to Weight Loss or Age

Aging and weight loss can result in drooping and sagging of the breasts. Sometimes this drooping and sagging is extreme. In such cases, breast reduction surgery can help you have breasts that better complement your frame and that do not droop so much.

Your Breasts Are Asymmetrical

Sometimes a woman’s breasts are uneven. When the breast asymmetry is dramatic, it can be a major blow to your body image. Breast reduction surgery can help even out the size, shape, and contour of the breasts. The surgery make the breasts symmetrical and even in a number of important ways.

You Feel Self-Conscious About Your Appearance

Related to all of the above matters, pendulous and extremely large breasts can leave a woman feeling extremely self-conscious. Breasts that are too large might be drawing too much unwanted attention, such as catcalls and unwanted leering from strangers. Wearing certain kinds of tops or dresses can also be a cause of self-esteem issues.

Breast reduction surgery can give you a more proportionate body and a better sense of comfort in your own skin.

Your Breast Size Causes Body Pain

We should also note that breasts that are extremely large can lead to body pain. Since your lower back bears a lot of body weight, large breasts could increase your risk of low back pain, both now and much later in life. Pain in the shoulders and the neck may also develop due to the pull of bra straps and certain tops.

Breast reduction surgery can relieve this body pain. In some cases, the breast reduction could even be covered by your health insurance as a medical necessity.

Is a Breast Reduction Right for Me?

Some of the above reasons to get breast reduction may speak to your experiences. If so, we encourage you to come by for a consultation. We can answer any questions you may have in greater detail and help you understand all of your breast enhancement options.

Learn More About Breast Reduction

For more information about breast reduction surgery and why it may be right for you, be sure to contact a skilled cosmetic plastic surgeon. We can discuss various body contouring procedures with you in greater detail during your visit.


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