Should I Get BOTOX Injections or a Facelift?

When it comes to fighting unwanted lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging, there are two popular options: the traditional facelift and BOTOX Cosmetic injections. Many patients in the Dallas, TX area wonder if one procedure is better than the other.

Dr. Mark A. Deuber would like to contrast and compare BOTOX injections and facelift surgery so you get a good idea of how they differ. By covering the basics, you can determine which option might be best for you.

About BOTOX Injections

BOTOX Cosmetic is a safe and purified form of botulinum toxin. The solution halts muscle contractions in the injection site. By doing this, BOTOX Cosmetic is able to prevent dynamic wrinkles from showing. These kinds of wrinkles are only visible when a person makes certain types of facial expressions. Dynamic wrinkles include frown lines, worry lines, and crow’s feet.

The Pros and Cons of BOTOX Injections

The advantages of BOTOX injections include:

  • Affordable solution for wrinkle reduction
  • Procedure only takes about half an hour
  • No scarring from injections
  • Low risk of complications
  • Minor side effects
  • No downtime after treatment

The disadvantages of BOTOX injections include:

  • Results are only temporary
  • Repeat injections are required to continue benefits
  • No effect on static wrinkles

About Facelift

A facelift is one of the most well known ways to fight signs of advanced aging. The procedure involves incisions made around the ear area. Through these incisions, underlying structures of the face can be adjusted and the facial skin tightened.

The facelift is a good option for wrinkles and sagging of the middle portion of the face. Other facial surgeries can target the lower face and the forehead.

The Pros and Cons of Facelift

The advantages of facelift include:

  • Long-lasting anti-aging results
  • Can address dynamic and static wrinkles
  • A long track record of effectiveness

The disadvantages of facelift include:

  • Potential for scarring
  • Risk of post-op complications
  • Time off from work needed to recover
  • More expensive than non-surgical treatments

Comparing How Long Results Last

The duration of outcomes from BOTOX injections and facelift surgery often play a role in a patient’s decision to undergo surgery.

For BOTOX injections, the results typically last about six months, give or take. In order to prolong the anti-aging benefits, patients need to get additional BOTOX injections.

The anti-aging benefits of facelift surgeries last for years. The exact duration for how long facelift surgery results last can vary from patient to patient based on a number of factors.

Going Over Your Aesthetic Goals

Your aesthetic goals will determine if a facelift or BOTOX injections are the right option for your needs. If you would prefer a temporary solution to wrinkles and lines of the face that involves no surgical risks, BOTOX is a better option. Patients who want their anti-aging results to last may benefit from undergoing a facelift.

We’ll Make Sure Treatment Is Tailored to You

There’s really no right answer when it comes to facial rejuvenation. Instead, it’s all about your personal preferences. During the consultation process, we can help you weigh your options and determine if BOTOX injections or a facelift is ideal for you.

Learn More About Facial Rejuvenation

To learn more about your many options for fighting wrinkles and looking your best, be sure to contact a skilled facial plastic surgeon and skin care specialist. Dr. Mark A. Deuber and his team are here to listen and to offer their experience.


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