Should I Lose Weight before a Tummy Tuck?

If you have lost a lot of weight, you may have some loose, sagging skin that you’d like to get rid of. This is a natural part of major weight loss. The only way to get rid of excessive amounts of loose skin is visiting our Dallas, TX plastic surgery center. Dr. Mark A. Deuber can develop a full body contouring plain to help you have a trimmer, slimmer, and firmer figure.

Most patients in this situation will need to undergo a tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty) for dramatic body contouring results. For the best outcomes, we advise patients to lose weight before they undergo surgery. Let’s discuss why this is beneficial to patients.

Why Losing Weight before Tummy Tuck Is Beneficial

Even though you may have lost a lot of weight already, the most successful results from a tummy tuck happen when a patient is as close to his or her ideal weight as possible. When the excess skin is removed, the patient’s frame is in great overall shape. The goal is to reach an ideal weight, remove the excess skin, and maintain that weight for the foreseeable future.

How Much Weight Should I Lose?

That varies from patient to patient based on a number of factors. Patients should reach their ideal weight, which means they shouldn’t be underweight, and they shouldn’t be overweight either. Pay attention to your body composition, your overall sense of health, and what your goals are in terms of life after surgery.

During the consultation process, we can help determine the ideal amount of weight you should aim to lose. Below are just a few tips to help you on this journey, and give you an idea of what to expect.

Tip #1: Start Your Journey Months Ahead of Time

Planning for a tummy tuck takes place at least six months before the proposed surgery date. This gives patients ample time to prepare for the procedure. By giving patients this long head start, we hope to promote lasting lifestyle changes rather than drastic crash diets, excessive exercise routines, and other harmful weight loss behaviors. Take your time, and remember that you’re developing healthy living habits for a lifetime.

Tip #2: Focus on Nutrition, Not Dieting

Avoid going on a “diet” when you’re trying to lose weight. Diets are typically temporary fixes to help people shed pounds in the short term. Focus instead on your overall nutrition plan. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, get healthy fats and lean proteins into your meals, and avoid heavily processed foods. Also, avoid sugary beverages and diet soft drinks and have more water instead.

Tip #3: Get Physical and Stay Active

Regular exercise is essential for losing weight and maintaining your ideal weight. Be sure to exercise regularly and to be consistent from week to week. Rotate your fitness routine between cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises for total fitness and better body composition.

Tip #4: Sleep Is Your Friend

Sleep is important for so many reasons. If you’re exercising more, sleep will be crucial for helping your body recover. Getting enough sleep also improves your metabolism and helps reduce stress and anxiety.

Tip #5: Turn to Friends, Family, and Professionals for Support

Losing weight can be emotionally draining, and it’s important to have a support network in place. Reach out to friends and family members about your struggles, and consider speaking with a personal trainer or wellness expert if you need additional advice and support.

Learn More about Tummy Tuck Surgery

For more information and advice on preparing for surgery and improving surgical results, be sure to contact a skilled cosmetic plastic surgeon. Dr. Deuber and our team are here to help you look great and achieve the best results possible.


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