The Anchor Breast Reduction Technique

Some women develop breasts that are too large for their frame, causing intense strain on the back, neck, and shoulders. In addition to these physical problems, overly large breasts can make women feel self conscious about their appearance. Large breasts often make it difficult to find clothing, bathing suits, and bras that fit right. And as women age, large breasts tend to sag downward. To address all of these issues, women can undergo the breast reduction procedure. A breast reduction can help women with large, drooping breasts achieve a perkier, more proportional appearance.

The Procedure

Of all of the breast reduction techniques, the anchor breast reduction allows for the greatest amount of breast tissue removal and lift. It can alleviate the strain of large, heavy breasts and can result in improved breast contour. In this approach, an incision is made horizontally beneath the breast tissue in the inframammary fold, and a vertical incision is made up the center of the breast up to the areola; these incisions resemble an anchor, which is why the surgical approach is called the anchor technique. An incision is also made around the areola. Once the incisions are made, the surgeon can remove excess breast tissue, tighten the skin envelope, and reposition the nipples.

Candidates for the Anchor Breast Reduction Technique

The anchor breast reduction technique is ideal for women who have a lot of breast fat and tissue to remove, and whose nipples are pointing downward. Large breasts may be the result of weight gain, genetics, pregnancy, and the anchor technique ensures that no matter the cause of the large breasts, the woman can achieve a smaller bustline with a more natural appearance. Candidates for this breast reduction technique should be in good health and understand the scope and limitations of the anchor technique, which are discussed below.

Benefits of the Anchor Technique

While the incisions for of the anchor breast reduction technique are extensive when compared to other “scar-less” methods, the incisions can be hidden under clothing, bras, and bathing suits. The incisions under and along the bottom of the breast are usually covered when wearing a bra or swimsuit.

This method allows for a more substantial removal of breast tissue and the ability to reposition the nipple higher on the chest. Surgeons are able to remove as much skin and tissue as is necessary in order to give the woman the appearance she desires.

Negatives of the Anchor Technique

The increased amount of scarring is a concern for some women, as is the possibility of the loss of sensation in the nipple.

When compared to other breast reduction techniques, the severity of side effects may be worse and the recovery period may be a bit longer. In plastic surgery, a greater the amount of tissue removal and longer incisions will result in more trauma to the body, resulting in the need for a longer recovery period. However, with the anchor breast reduction technique, surgeons are able to produce the results that patients desire.

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