Treatments for Jowls and Drooping Cheeks

A woman's face and cheekbonesAs we get older, our faces undergo a number of changes. Lines and wrinkles are to be expected, as is a certain degree of facial sagging. Dr. Mark A. Deuber can perform a facelift to treat facial wrinkles and sagging, and also has a number of other cosmetic treatments available to him to aid in rejuvenating your appearance.

Many people who come to our Dallas, TX cosmetic surgery practice have loose and sagging cheeks. Let’s discuss why this happens and what surgical and non-surgical anti-aging treatments are available.

What Causes Jowls and Sagging Cheeks?

Jowls and facial sagging are natural parts of the aging process. As we get older, the collagen and elastin in our skin breaks down. This leads to changes in the suppleness of the skin as well as sagging over time.

In addition to the natural aging process, genetics can contribute to major drooping of the cheeks and other parts of the face. The natural drooping you experience can be exacerbated by major fluctuations in weight, use of tobacco products, sun damage, and other factors.

Can Jowls and Cheek Sagging Be Prevented?

Sagging jowls can be prevented to a certain degree if you maintain a healthy weight, use sunblock on your face when outdoors, and avoid the use to tobacco products. Yet even with those preventative measures, you’re bound to experience some amount of cheek sagging with time.

That’s where we can help. Let’s cover some sagging check treatments, starting with less invasive procedures and then moving on to more invasive ones.

Skin Tightening for the Cheek Area

There are a number of advanced laser skin care treatments available that are ideal for just a little bit of sagging around the cheek area. Laser skin tightening will help smooth the surface of the skin while also promoting the growth of new collagen beneath the surface. This will help your skin appear softer and more supple.

Dermal Fillers and Cosmetic Injections

For temporary relief from minor jowls and sagging, you could go with dermal fillers and cosmetic injectables. These fillers will add volume to the injection site, reducing sagging around your jawline and lower face. The effects of these injections will last for several months, and repeat treatments can be performed to prolong the cosmetic benefits.

Facial Liposuction

If the sagging around the lower cheek is the result of excess fat, you may be helped by facial liposuction. Carefully removing just a small amount of excess fat could reduce the amount of sagging and drooping of your cheeks. Surgeons can be extra careful about how much fat is removed since they have a great deal of control when targeting unwanted fat.

Lower Face Lift

For most people with pronounced jowls and loose, hanging cheeks, the best option is to undergo a lower face lift. This procedure involves incisions made along the lower portion of the ear. Through these incisions, excess tissue and be removed and the facial skin tightened. This is ideal for reducing the prominence of jowls and slimming down the jawline.

Learn More About Facial Rejuvenation

For more information about treating jowls and sagging cheeks, be sure to contact a skilled plastic surgeon and cosmetic skin care expert. We’ll be able to help you look younger and more refreshed.


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