Why Liposuction Is Better Than the New Non-surgical Alternatives

Non-surgical treatments have grown in popularity over the years. Cosmetic injectables and other skin care procedures offer people many of the benefits of facial plastic surgery with reduced risk.

It should come as no surprise that non-surgical alternatives to other cosmetic surgery procedures would become popular as well. This helps explain the rise of non-surgical treatments used as an alternative to liposuction for targeted cosmetic fat removal.

Dallas, TX-based plastic surgeon Mark A. Deuber would like to go over a few of these non-surgical liposuction alternatives. We’ll then explain why traditional liposuction is often superior to these non-invasive procedures.

Popular Non-invasive Liposuction Alternatives

Today’s most popular non-invasive liposuction alternatives include the following:

  • CoolSculpting – CoolSculpting uses cold energy to freeze unwanted fat cells away. It’s the most popular non-invasive fat removing procedure today.
  • Sculpsure – Sculpsure heats and destroys fat cells using carefully targeted light energy.
  • Vanquish – Vanquish also heats and destroys fat cells, but it does so using radio frequency energy.
  • Zerona – Zerona uses cold energy like CoolSculpting to freeze away fat cells.

Liposuction Can Eliminate More Body Fat

While the above non-surgical fat reduction procedures can eliminate some body fat, they’re generally best for touch-up fat reduction. If you’re close to your ideal weight and figure and just have a little stubborn fat to remove, these non-surgical options are good options to consider. However, that’s doesn’t cover everyone.

By comparison, liposuction is able to remove more unwanted fat from the body. Up to 10 pounds of body fat can be safely removed during liposuction. This means that more dramatic body sculpting results are possible in a single visit.

Liposuction Can Target More Parts of the Body

In addition to greater volume of fat removal, liposuction is able to target more parts of the body safely. Many of the above non-surgical procedures we’ve listed work fine on the lower abdominal region, the love handles, the thighs, and the buttocks. However, only liposuction can safely target all parts of the body with unwanted body fat, even portions of the neck and lower face.

Liposuction Offers More Precise Fat Reduction

Non-surgical fat removal procedures tend to eliminate body fat from an overall region of the body. Given that liposuction uses a cannula to extract fat, a plastic surgeon can literally sculpt specific pockets of fat, offering better control over the results of the procedure.

Liposuction Has a Long Record of Effectiveness

These new non-surgical fat removal procedures are still relatively young compared to liposuction, which means we have yet to see if there are any long-term side effects. Liposuction has many years of research and a long track record of great outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Talk about Cosmetic Fat Removal with Our Team

There are many options out there for fat removal worth considering. We’d be more than happy to discuss them with you during a consultation, and help you make the right choices for your body sculpting needs.

Learn More about Liposuction

For more information about your many options for body contouring and enhancing your figure, be sure to contact an experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon. Dr. Deuber and our team will answer your questions and concerns and help you make the right decision for your needs.


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